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Braemar systems are made to deliver the finest performance which helps keep your home perfectly ventilated and cool/ warm whenever you need it be so. However, being machines they do require servicing and repair from time to time which is where Service It Australia comes into the picture. Our repairs consist of a customer satisfaction pursuing body that strives to bring customers the best value for money. Be it your home or office, when we service your Braemar branded machine we focus on achieving excellence in providing high quality servicing to customers to ensure the best of heating and cooling services are provided.

Braemar believes in quick and efficient working allowing you to save on not also your precious time but your hard earned money too. Not only is Braemar based in Australia but also is Australia’s leading brand for heating and cooling services, making it easier for us to combine our quality service with their promise to deliver quality. The products used at Braemar heating and cooling services are those that promote a greener earth by avoiding the use of various harmful gases and not adversely affecting the ozone layer and the surrounding eco system and lie perfectly in sync with our environment-friendly techniques.


Ducted Heating Service

As the most authentic gas heater, the Braemar Ducted Heater is perfect for keeping your home’s temperature desirable and comfortable. Perfect to stay in sync with Australia’s weather conditions a Breamar ducted heater is perfect for your home. There are host of models that you can choose from depending on your budget and your requirement. Consult a professional before you do make your choice. Their 75 years of experience and our expert technicians only makes them a choice you won’t just trust in but also boast of.

Braemar has a variety of models for one to choose from which are as follows:

Braemar Wall Heaters, BRAEMAR WF40, D12, D45, WF2000, SH, Braemar space heaters,TA, TB, TE, TX, TG, TH and THM Series

These gas heaters are designed to deliver their best but due to their engineering need to be serviced by a skilled technician every 2 years. At Service It Australia, our experts are acquainted with the workings of these heaters as well as repair and replacement of any parts that may not be performing to the best of their ability.

Evaporative Cooling


Melbourne’s summers are getting hotter and the need to have some sort of cooling in place is only increasing with every passing year. While air-conditioners are the option of the majority, a significant number of people are opting for evaporative cooling systems. These have their own plus points that have managed to win over a large number of people.

Amongst others Braemar promises to deliver the finest air quality in the most cost-effective way that will last you for years to come. However, given the design of such systems they do need to be serviced often. More so some parts will need to be replaced so as to ensure optimum functionality.

In such a scenario, where better to turn that Service It Australia’s experts, the ones thoroughly acquainted with the know-how of these models. What’s more you can be assured that the parts repaired or replaced are of premium-quality and recommended by professionals so as to ensure they do not cause any damage and unnecessary expense.

Does My Cooler or Heater

Need Maintenance?

An evaporative cooler is one that functions on the energy drawn upon water evaporating. The air moves over the dampness providing cooler air and that is what causes the air too cool thereby cooling your house or office. The air in our surroundings is not always clean and as it passes through the water, the water tends to become grimy over a period of time. Hence evaporative air coolers do need to be cleaned from time to time in order to be maintained enough to providing clean and cool air.

Cleaning and maintaining the evaporative cooler will prevent the pump system from getting blocked and damaging the evaporative cooler. What’s more important is getting the right person to do for you and the right equipment. Service It Australia ensures that our technician thoroughly studies the model and analyses it before figuring out which parts need extra maintenance and which need repair and which are good to go. Your heating/cooling system is an investment that we too value.

At Service It Australia, Our professionals provide all kinds of services right from helping you select the correct product to servicing it to keep it well maintained for you. Give us a call today to give your home a lovelier environment tomorrow. We ensure that your Breamar unit perform to its optimum best while also helping it last for several years to come.

About Us &

What We Do

Because of varying climatic conditions in Melbourne, people have their heating and cooling systems depending upon their individual choices and in response to their surroundings.

When you have different cooling and heating systems, you obviously need an expert, professional and cost-effective services providers as well. It is this need of Australians that Service It Australia has been relentlessly addressing since its set-up in 2002 by Mark O’Brien and that too quite successfully. We provide services for various types of cooling and heating systems in and around the eastern Melbourne suburbs.

One of the secrets of phenomenal success of Service It Australia in the industry of heating and cooling services in Melbourne is our customer-centric approach. We insist on reducing the customers’ expenses by making complete study of the cooling or heating system in question. It is precisely why our technicians are trained to undertake a thorough study of the faulty systems before suggesting you any repairing, servicing or replacement.

Following are some of the things that we consider before arriving at any final conclusion with regard to faulty systems:

  • A unique system developed through the years of experience to service space heaters according to individual rooms
  • A unique way to service duct heating for a centralized heating system
  • We identify the dynamic service needs of the market

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